Interior Design

Radio: Making the Most of Your Available Natural Light

If there's a room in your home that just doesn't get a lot of sunlight, your low-cost option is to make the most of the amount of light that you do get.

First, trim any bushes outside that may be blocking the passage of light, and while you're at it, give the windows a good cleaning. Next, add daylight bulbs to any lamps in the room, and be sure to position those lamps in the shadowy corners.

When picking out wall paint, lean toward the lightest shades and choose a glossy, reflective finish for any horizontal surface, be it a set of shelves or the top of a dresser.

Always keep in mind that low-profile furniture lends an airier feel than taller, bulky traditional pieces. And don't forget to hang a mirror, ideally across from a window. Finally, add a shade-loving plant or two, and you'll have a much more inviting space!

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